Do you bake?


I like to bake stuff. When I was in high school, and it was summer time, you could find me baking (even though it was 8,000 degrees out), writing poetry, or painting random abstract art on paper or cloth on the floor in my room.

I also like metaphors and analogies, probably a little too much, which is probably why I write poetry and have strange thoughts. I have this seed of a story in my head that started with a picture of my friend’s tortoise (Rex) in his little tank, with a seatbelt around said tank so that Rex can make a safe journey to re-join his human in college. When I saw that picture I thought to myself (and out loud as an Instagram comment), “This should be a children’s story.” Then my other friend replied, “Write it!” So, here I am. I want to call the tortoise Toby, and I’ve got his little human family named too. Now I’m figuring out more about Toby (his personality, his life struggles, you know–the usual). This blog is where I will share my writing “in progress,” BUT I realized that this stage of the story development would NOT be like sharing raw cookie dough with my sugar-tooth friends who are unafraid of Botulism (Thank you metaphor brain). Instead, I think it would be more like cracking a raw egg into your hand and telling you to have a snack. Um, no thanks. All of that is to say, I’M NOT READY YET. 😁 Sorry. That and I have anxiety (a lot) about sharing a story that isn’t well thought out yet (refer back to my first post about my fear, no terror, of failing in public–no matter how small my audience). I also had my first week with students this past week, which was enjoyable, successful, and daily making me want to collapse into a coma on the couch so that I can get more sleep. Thank you for your patience. 😘